Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Amanda Lang to CBC

It has not yet been officially announced but sources tell the Planetguys that the glamourous host at BNN's "Squeeze Play" is moving to a high profile assignment at the CBC. Ms Lang has also worked at CNN in New York and at the Globe and Mail. She did announce her departure last week but did not say where she was going.

She is already being missed by viewers. A poster on 50Plus.com said:

"As a frequent viewer of 'SqueezePlay' on BNN, I was surprised to learn that this was host Amanda Lang's last day on the program and evidently on BNN as well. I always enjoyed her work and her informative interviews which I shall miss. . . .
Nothing stays the same. You get used to watching someone and they move on to other things.

"I just thought that she was very good at what she did and am sorry to see her go. She will be hard to replace."

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