Saturday, August 22, 2015

Margaret Atwood's National Post column on Harper hair disappears, then reappears

A column by Margaret Atwood that poked fun at Stephen Harper's hair disappeared for several hours from the National Post website Friday, raising the ire of the Twitterverse and prompting the award-winning author to wonder if she'd been censored, the CBC reports.
Atwood's piece was back on the newspaper's main page late Friday after being taken down mid-afternoon. The Post said in an email it was held for fact checking.
The column poked fun at Harper, using as an entrypoint the Conservative attack ads that take aim at Justin Trudeau with the phrase, "Nice hair, Justin."
After it was removed from the website, Atwood tweeted at the newspaper asking if she had been censored for what she called a "flighty little caper on hair," drawing hundreds of retweets and responses.

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