Thursday, April 13, 2017

Chronicle Herald buys all Atlantic Canadian Transcontinental papers

The Chronicle Herald, operating under the name SaltWire Network Inc., has announced the acquisition of Transcontinental's daily newspapers, weekly newspapers, news websites and printing plants in Atlantic Canada.
The Chronicle Herald announced Thursday that it has acquired the Atlantic Canadian newspaper and publishing holdings of Transcontinental Inc.
With the acquisition of TC Media's 28 newspaper and web properties, the new Herald-owned company SaltWire Network becomes the leading media company in the region, the Herald said in a release.
“SaltWire has journalists on the ground in over 30 communities in Atlantic Canada   more than any other media organization in the region,” said Mark Lever, president of both the Chronicle Herald and the new company.
But the Chronicle Herald still has 54 journalists alienated from its grounds newsroom employees who have been on strike for more than 15 months. It is not clear how the acquisition will affect stalled negotiations with the newsroom.

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