Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Steven Ladurantaye becomes head of news at Scottish broadcaster STV

Steve Ladurantaye
Scottish broadcaster STV has named Canadian Steven Ladurantaye as its new head of news as part of a major shake-up, the U.K website reports..
Ladurantaye, previously at the CBC, joins the Glasgow-based company in the wake of a restructuring announced in May which saw it close its loss-making STV2 channel and cut a total of 59 jobs including 34 news roles.
Ladurantaye was previously managing editor at CBC's The National and was also global chair of news at Twitter.
He was removed from The National job and reassigned after what has been described as "a cultural appropriation controversy."
Last year, Ladurantaye was among a number of journalists who engaged in a late-night Twitter conversation that was sparked by a contentious magazine article advocating for more cultural appropriation in Canadian literature.
The opinion piece triggered a number of apologies but former National Post editor Ken Whyte responded by tweeting he would “donate $500 to the founding of the appropriation prize if someone else wants to organize.”
Ladurantaye replied that he would contribute $100. He later deleted the tweet and apologized but was not returned to his job at The National,

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