Wednesday, January 16, 2019

CRTC chairman defends against critics, says regulator remains committed to net neutrality

The Globe and Mail's Christine Dobby writes:
"CRTC chairman Ian Scott says the telecom regulator remains committed to net neutrality, responding to claims that he wants to water down protections around the free flow of information online.
"The federal government is conducting a sweeping review of broadcast and telecom legislation and Mr. Scott came under fire in the fall for saying that any new laws should continue to allow for “flexibility” in the application of net neutrality.
"Net neutrality is the principle that internet providers should treat all traffic equally and not block or prioritize content. Mr. Scott said in a November speech that there could be instances involving public safety, remote medical procedures or self-driving cars “where a certain flexibility will be required.”
"His remarks spurred a backlash from consumer group OpenMedia, which has collected almost 15,000 signatures for an online petition to 'Save Net Neutrality in Canada.' The group argues that the CRTC, along with telecom industry lobbyists, is pushing for looser regulations following the repeal of net neutrality rules in the United States."
Full story (subscription needed)

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