Sunday, April 14, 2019

Landmark streaming as Appeal Court hears carbon tax test

The Ontario Court of Appeal, highest legal authority in the province, will stream proceedings at Monday’s challenge to the federal carbon tax. “Typically cameras are not permitted in courtrooms,” Jacob Bakan, special counsel in the office of the province’s chief justice told the National Post. “The court is making an exception for the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act.” The case will see the Ontario government and supporters challenge the federal authority over imposition of a charge on gasoline, heating fuel and other pollutants as a way to curb greenhouse gas emissions. Ontario maintains the federal law is unconstitutional. In an order last week, Justice James MacPherson gave the CBC permission to put up to five cameras in the courtroom. The livestream will be available to other media and on the court’s own website. (Courtesy of The South Bayview Bulldog)

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