Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Journalists in English langauge debate all female!

The English language election debate is set for October 7, the French for October 10.
The English language moderators are all female -- a first in debate history. They are:
Rosemary Barton, CBC News; Susan Delacourt, Toronto Star; Dawna Friesen, Global News; Lisa LaFlamme, CTV News and Althia Raj, HuffPost Canada Each moderator will guide a different part of the debate.

For the French debate, the moderator will be Patrice Roy from Radio-Canada, with the participation of:Hélène Buzzetti, Le Devoir; Patricia Cloutier, Le Soleil; François Cardinal, La Presse and Alec Castonguay, L'actualité

There is still a debate under way whether Maxime Bernier will be added to the Liberal, PC, NDP and Green party leaders.

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