Monday, December 2, 2019

NOW Magazine sold!

Now Magazine, the 38-year-old alternative news weekly, has been bought by a Toronto-based company with visions of putting alternative papers across North America under one corporate roof, The Star reports.
Brian Kalish, CEO of Media Central Corp., said readers shouldn’t expect any big editorial changes in what he called an “iconic” publication.
“We want to keep the voice alive. The minute you start messing with the voice is where you have issues,” said Kalish, in a nod to the recent and widely derided takeovers of Sports Illustrated and Deadspin.
Media Central’s only other media property is, a cannabis-based news website launched earlier this year.
The takeover values the company at up to $2 million, with half of that paid up front and the other half contingent on Now meeting certain performance targets over the next year. (Star)

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