Thursday, January 23, 2020

CBC scrapping four anchor format for The National

The CBC is scrapping the four-anchor format for its flagship newscast and going back to a conventional format. The  Globe and Mail's Simon Houpt reports that Adrienne Arsenault and Andrew Chang will become hosts Monday to Thursday. Ian Hanomansing will host the Friday and Sunday broadcasts.
Rosemary Barton, based in Ottawa, will become the chief political correspondent of CBC News, contributing to “digital, podcasts, radio, and television political specials,” according to a memo sent to CBC staff. She will also continue to moderate The National’s weekly At Issue panel discussion.
Ratings for The National on CBC TV and CBC News Network rose 3.6 per cent year over year, from an average audience of 667,000 in January, 2019, to 691,000 in January, 2020, according to figures provided by the CBC.
The Globe story contains no information on ratings for the CTV National News and Global's National News. Both broadcast in a conventional newcast format.
Globe story (subscription needed)

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