Friday, February 28, 2020

With the departure of Jennifer McGuire, CBC announces plan to restructure

The following are excerpts from a memo sent to CBC staff on Feb. 27 from Barbara Williams, executive vice president of English Services, published by J-Source.

 "What we are introducing today is a shift from a siloed traditional media operation to a truly audience-centric, content company. . . .
"I have spent a significant part of the past year travelling to locations across the country. I’ve seen first hand the vital role Local Services plays in communities. And the incredible power of our journalism on radio in all communities. I also came to realize that we are doing journalism in three different spaces, with three groups and three structures and that they are not always as connected as they could be. We can work better together by bringing our journalism under one division. One CBC."
The full memo as published by J-Source

(I guess we will have to wait for the Globe and Mail's John Doyle to find out what it all means.)

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