Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Radio-Canada retreats on rebranding company as ICI

Radio-Canada is reversing its decision to rebrand itself as ICI, and is instead putting "Radio-Canada" back in its marketing and branding.
Last week, Radio-Canada, CBC's French-language sister station, made public its rebranding plan, aimed at providing a common identifier across all its platforms.
The main radio news and information station will now be renamed "ICI Radio-Canada Première." Under the rebranding announced on June 5, it would have been called "Ici Première."
But the announcement was met with widespread criticism and ridicule, even inviting scrutiny from the New York Times.
Radio-Canada president Hubert Lacroix said Monday afternoon that he has listened to Canadians.
The Globe and Mail reports that the name "ICI" is already taken by a chanel licensed last year under the name "ICI - International Chanel."

The small channel intends to broadcast in 15 languages on Chanel 47 in Montreal, a key market for French-language broadcasters.

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