Monday, January 20, 2014

Barry Wilson, veteran agricuture reporter, retires

By CP's Jennifer Ditchburn
"While his press gallery peers criss-crossed the country over the years in the bubble of leaders’ campaigns, Barry Wilson liked to fly under the mainstream radar with his own custom-made election tour.
"Wilson, who retires this month after 34 years as the Western Producer newspaper’s Ottawa correspondent, would drive across the country in rented cars writing about candidates and issues in rural ridings.
"In an era of leader-driven politics and breathless 24/7 tweeting on this or that gaffe, you might say Wilson is a bit of a subversive.
“'It was just talking to the candidates and others about issues like the Wheat Board, gun control, rural infrastructure, getting them on the record on things that mattered to my readers that wouldn’t typically get covered,' Wilson said in an interview.
"Wilson, 65, is one of the deans of the Canadian Parliamentary Press Gallery, having arrived on Parliament Hill in 1980. He’s originally from the Pontiac region of Quebec, north of Ottawa, where his family has owned a farm for five generations."

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