Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tyson heaps abuse on CP24's Nathan Downer

Boxer Mike Tyson launched into an abusive attack on CP24 host Nathan Downer of CP24 Wednesday afternoon (September 10, 2014). Downer was hosting as Tyson (top inset) and a handler type arrived at the station to talk about the boxer's one-man show "The Undisputed Truth" at the Air Canada Centre. The normally mild-mannered Downer started off by asking Tyson whether his endorsement of Mayor Ford yesterday might not actually hurt Ford since Tyson is a convicted rapist. “Some of your critics would say, ‘There’s a race for mayor. We know you’re a convicted rapist. This could hurt his (Ford's) campaign.’ What would you say to that?” “It’s so interesting, you come off like a nice guy,” Tyson responded, “but that was really a piece of s—, that comment. F— you.” From there on Tyson unloaded epithets of the "piece of s---" kind on Downer.  When Downer attempted to deflect the insults, he just got more. The same "piece of..." slur came when Downer asked Tyson whether it was more difficult being in a fight match or performing. Tyson told the CP24 host that the worst was being there with him. Comments on YouTube accompanying the video below reveal a range of reaction to the tirade. Some feel Downer's question was badly put, although there aren't too many ways to call a person a rapist. The notorious boxer visited Mayor Ford yesterday at City Hall to declare him the best mayor the city has ever had. The occasion prompted a series of news stories linkable on Google in which the boxer's criminal record was mentioned. Tyson has been convicted of rape and is said to have bitten off an opponent’s ear during a fight, Video may be offensive to some. 

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