Monday, April 25, 2016

Globe and Mail columnist Margaret Wente caught up in plagiarism scandal — Star story

The Star's May Warren writes:
"Globe and Mail columnist Margaret Wente has again been accused of plagiarism and the newspaper’s editor-in-chief has apologized, saying her work 'fell short' of the paper’s standards.
"In a recent blog post, Ottawa-based artist Carol Wainio drew attention to Wente’s April 23 column 'for lifting an unattributed phrase from a piece by American scientist Jesse Ausubel.'
" It also criticized Wente for leading with a similar anecdote about bears, paraphrasing two of his other observations without direct attribution and paraphrasing from a different article without linking to or citing the original author.
"Wente did not immediately reply to a request for comment from the Star. The online version of her column has been updated to include attribution, a link to the other article not previously cited and an editor’s note that apologizes to Ausubel."

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