Saturday, April 16, 2016

New York Times to invest $50m on global digital expansion

 Mark Sweeney of the Guardian reports:
The New York Times is to invest more than $50m in an aggressive international digital expansion to take its “without fear or favour” brand of journalism outside the US.
The publisher said that with mounting pressure on international media around the world there was an opportunity for the NYT to become an “indispensable leader in global news and opinion”.
“At a time when journalism and independent media around the world are under acute pressure, from forces both financial and political, the New York Times has never had a better opportunity to expand its mission and its reach,” the company said in an internal announcement from Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr, chief executive Mark Thompson and executive editor Dean Baquet.
“Just as the Times became a truly national news organisation in a previous generation, we believe we now have the opportunity to become an indispensable leader in global news and opinion.”
The NYT receives about 375m visits from readers globally each month.
However, just 26.6% of web traffic is from outside the publisher’s home market of the US, where it is the sixth biggest media site, according to figures from SimilarWeb.

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