Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Globe's John Doyle finds CRTC decision "truly appalling"

 John Doyke writes:
" . . .the decision is truly appalling. It suits a commercial industry that is already heavily protected, arrogant and uncaring about investing in a medium from which it profits vastly. Second, the CRTC decision comes, suspiciously, without the usual public and industry debate. It looks like a major favour being done for outlets who want to dodge responsibility. Third, it arrives when a Liberal government, one that loudly proclaims its support of Canadian culture, is in power.
"While the CRTC is at arm’s-length from the government, something blatantly ridiculous and hypocritical is unfolding. The 'Mandate Letter' from the Prime Minister to Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly said this: 'As Minister of Canadian Heritage, your overarching goal will be to implement our government’s plan to strengthen our cultural and creative industries. Our cultural sector is an enormous source of strength to the Canadian economy. Canada’s stories, shaped by our immense diversity, deserve to be celebrated and shared with the world.' The CRTC decision is a cynical 'yeah, right’ to that mandate."

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