Monday, February 6, 2017

‘Trash radio’ creates culture of intolerance in Quebec

The Star's Allan Woods writes:
Waiting by an elevator after paying condolences to the friends and family of Quebec mosque attack victim Mamadou Tanou Barry this week, Mounir Laffet expressed a frustration shared by everyone in Quebec City’s Muslim community.
“The problem here in Quebec is the trash radio. I think they are accomplices,” he said, referring to Quebec City’s flourishing community of talk radio and shock jocks who kick off controversy while attracting criticism and lawsuits with their on-air commentary.
“I know that there is freedom of the press and all that, but do we give them the right to say whatever they want?” Laffet asked. “For me they are extremists on the other side.”
The Tunisian-born Laffet is not the only one to have reached that conclusion.\

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