Monday, July 31, 2017

John Doyle: Who will anchor CBC's The National? Machinations abound

John Doyle writes:
"Oh, just quit telling me that nobody cares who anchors the national news on TV. Just quit it. Diligent journalistic labour – reading the mail and listening to people who stop me on the street – tells me you are wrong.
Which brings us to the announcement last Thursday, about Wendy Mesley’s upcoming TV show. That was interesting.
"Early in 2018, CBC says, Mesley will host a live Sunday morning show that 'will focus on the intersection of media, technology and politics.' Which sounds a lot like Undercurrents, a media-heavy series Mesley anchored for five years and that ended in 2001. Like that series, any new excursion into media analysis in Canada will be a challenge. CBC is big media here and, generally, thin-skinned about criticism. Good luck with that."

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