Monday, October 9, 2017

Former cabinet minister, broadcaster, environmentalist, and author Rafe Mair dies

Charlie Smith writes in "Straight:"
"A legendary B.C. broadcaster and environmental crusader has passed away at the age of 85.
"Rafe Mair wore many hats in his lifetime. Born and raised in Vancouver, he became a lawyer after graduating from the UBC law school, practising in Vancouver until 1968.
"That's when he moved to Kamloops, where he was elected as a Social Credit MLA in 1975 when the right-wing party came roaring back into power under its new leader, Bill Bennett.
"Mair held several cabinet posts, including health, environment, and constitutional affairs. In 1981, he suddenly quit to become a talk-show host on CJOR Radio, which was owned by Jimmy Pattison.
"When Mair's soaring ratings started eating into "Top Dog" CKNW's audience, he was snapped up by the rival station. He spent 19 years on the air with CKNW but was fired even though his audience numbers were exceptionally high."

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