Friday, August 3, 2018

The day the Queen’s Park press corps fought back

TVO's Steve Paikin has taken on the Trump-like media relations practiced by Ontario's new premier Doug Ford.  An excerpt:
"Last week, when Premier Doug Ford and municipal affairs minister Steve Clark announced their plan to reduce the size of Toronto city council, Toronto Sun columnist (and former PC candidate) Sue-Ann Levy began trying to ask a question. She was unaware of the new protocol and seemed surprised that Ford and Clark had ignored her. After she attempted a third time, I informed her of the new rules. By then, however, the line behind the “official microphone” had become too long, and Levy missed out.
"The Tories have also taken another unprecedented step: they now end their news conferences by having a group of half a dozen twentysomethings clap, hoot, and holler on cue, which gives the politician making the announcement cover to exit stage right."
The full story
(Ford's contempt for the press (except for the Sun) is unbelievable. Good for Paikin!)

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