Friday, May 15, 2009

CBC's Chief Technology Officer, Ray Carnovale, to retire

Ray Carnovale, Vice-President and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), has informed CBC management of his intention to retire at the end of December 2009.

"Since Ray joined the Corporation in 2001, in the newly created job of CTO, he has been a key member of the Senior Executive Team, and has been responsible for overseeing a variety of significant technology implementations such as VISION, HDTV and Avid, as well as and system upgrades such as Dalet, and innovations such as Olympic remote production," the CBC said in a note to staff.

"In the past decade, changes in broadcast technology have outpaced any other time in history. Together with his colleagues, Ray has kept the Corporation pushing forward, allowing us to take full advantage of these important technological advances.

"Ray has always displayed a high degree of technical competence, professionalism, rigour and fairness. His staff’s dedication is certainly a tribute to him. I look forward to properly recognizing and celebrating Ray’s career at CBC/Radio-Canada later this year. Between now and then, I have asked him to complete several important projects, including the Next Generation Converged Network RFP."

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