Monday, December 13, 2010

Harper photographer's laptop stolen from PMO!

The PM's official photographer Jason Ransom had his Mac laptop stolen from inside the Langevin Block, the PM’s supposedly ultra-secure headquarters. The heist happened in April 2009, but news of the incident didn’t spread until this week, when Maclean’s started asking questions about an obscure item buried in the latest public accounts of Canada: a $1,298 reimbursement for “theft of personal laptop.”
Ransom (whose wife, Deb, is Harper’s other official photographer) did not respond to an e-mail request from Maclean's for comment, but the PMO did provide some details. Ransom was using his personal Mac that day because his government-issued laptop was being repaired. And at some point—in between snapping behind-the-scenes shots of Harper busy at work—his silver laptop disappeared. No photos were lost because Ransom always uploads his pics to a main server.

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