Sunday, March 23, 2014

Egypt's president says jailed Egyptian-Canadian journalist will get fair trial

In an unexpected gesture, Egypt's interim president assured the family of an imprisoned Egyptian-Canadian journalist that the man would get a fair, speedy trial and necessary medical treatment while his case was dealt with.
The guarantees came in the form of a letter received by Mohamed Fahmy's family on Sunday -- a day before his trial was set to resume in Cairo.
"I want to reaffirm in this regard the independence of the Egyptian judiciary and my confidence that your son will get all his legal rights," wrote President Adly Mansour.
"This will not stop me from exerting every effort necessary and possible to reach a fast resolution to this case, that guarantees justice in line with the law."
The letter was preceded by a hospital visit Fahmy was allowed on Saturday for a badly injured shoulder, a move which itself was triggered by a call three days earlier from the office of the president.


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