Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lev Tahor court transcript access to be decided Friday

A Superior Court judge will decide by week’s end if the media can access a transcript and other materials from a secret hearing held in her courtroom last Wednesday in which she ordered that 14 children belonging to the controversial Jewish Lev Tahor sect be immediately apprehended.
Judge Lynda Templeton, who sits in London, held a hearing via conference call on Tuesday to revisit her earlier decision to exclude media from last week’s proceedings.
A regional superior court justice had already decided not to hear an appeal of her original decision, and the Star had planned to file an appeal with the Court of Appeal when Templeton decided to revisit the order.
Lawyer Iris Fischer, representing several media outlets, argued that it is in the public interest and in accordance with the open court principle that media access the transcripts, saying journalists would still of course respect the publication ban on the identities of the children who are the subject of the child protection order.

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