Thursday, November 6, 2014

CBC's Ghomeshi investigation a cover-up before it begins: Jesse Brown

Jesse Brown, the free-lancer who broke the Ghomeshi story, writes in his blog:
"The fix is in.
"Information released today by Chuck Thompson, CBC's Head of Public Affairs, reveals the broadcaster's impending 3rd party investigation of the Ghomeshi scandal to be a pre-determined cover-up and whitewash.
Lawyer Janice Rubin's report will never be released to the public. What's more, the CBC now admits that Rubin has been contracted only to investigate past and present employees of Ghomeshi's shows, Q and Play. Rubin has no powers to demand answers, and no mission to learn who knew what and when. Participation in the investigation seems to be entirely voluntary. "
The whole Jesse Brown's story

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