Monday, November 3, 2014

Court orders Jan Wong to repay $209,912 to the Globe

The Globe's Jeff Gray writes: "The Ontario Divisional Court has sided with The Globe and Mail in its dispute with Jan Wong, a former reporter ordered to pay back a $209,912 settlement with the newspaper after she revealed some of its confidential terms in a tell-all book.
"In a decision released on Monday, the court upheld a July, 2013, decision by a labour arbitrator to order Ms. Wong to pay back the settlement, even though she did not disclose the actual amount she was paid in her self-published 2012 memoir, Out of the Blue, which details her battles with depression and with The Globe.
"The Globe pursued the case after it objected to several phrases in Ms. Wong’s book, in which she wrote that the paper had paid her “a pile of money to go away,” and that a “big fat check [sic] landed in my account.”

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