Wednesday, November 5, 2014

NatPost columnist Robyn Urback sees conflicty of interest in CBC's Ghomeshi scandal hire

Robyn Urback writes:
“'We see no conflict of interest,'” said CBC spokesperson Chuck Thompson when pressed on (Janice) Rubin’s CBC appearances. 'As a leading authority on workplace harassment, Janice has often offered her views on this subject to a number of media outlets.'
"The CBC may not see a conflict of interest, and indeed, there may not be. I don’t know Rubin personally, but by reputation I’m assured she is fully capable of separating her occasional CBC appearances from the serious task at hand. But my impression doesn’t matter, nor does the CBC’s, nor does it really matter if there is any tangible evidence of conflict of interest at play.
 "The perception of bias is enough. And it should have been enough to compel the CBC to consult its list of guest contributors before handing off the reins to its investigation."
The full column

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