Monday, March 2, 2015

Hill media fight over harassment policy, some say it could destroy Parliamentary Press Gallery

The Hill Times reports:
"A proposed bylaw to give the Parliamentary Press Gallery the power to officially handle complaints and recommend members of the Hill media be booted out for alleged personal or sexual harassment, serious misconduct, violence, threats of violence or intimidation, or a criminal offence, was shelved by the gallery’s executive last week for three months after it faced a sensational and nasty backlash from many gallery members on the Hill. 
"Some Hill reporters say the policy is needed, but others say it will destroy the institution of the Parliamentary Press Gallery because it would open up reporters to outside complaints and allegations of harassment from lobbyists, Cabinet ministers, MPs, and others who feel they were “harassed” by aggressive or persistent reporters."
 The full story
(This looks like one of those "inside Ottawa" issues. One is almost tempted to say, "Play nice, children!" -- Ed comment)

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