Friday, March 20, 2015

Pick-and-pay TV: Consumer choice, but at what cost? -- CBC's take on the new rules

Cable à la carte is finally on the menu, letting TV viewers order the channels they crave without charging them for programming they never wanted to consume in the first place.
Just be wary that under the new rules, the bill could come as a shock
."Sure, you might be getting more choice," said tech analyst Carmi Levy. "But the nasty surprise is you may have to pay more to get exactly what you want and avoid what you don't want."
Under the new combination "pick-and-pay" system announced by the CRTC on Thursday, "everyone will be able to find an option or a bundle that suits their household," Jean-Pierre Blais, the federal broadcast regulator's chairman, told reporters.
Cable subscribers must now give Canadians the option of buying a "skinny basic" package for no more than $25 a month.
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