Monday, October 19, 2015

Andrew Coyne resigns as NatPost comment editor over election endorsement; stays as columnist

Andrew Coyne has stepped down as the National Post’s editor of editorials and comment after what he called a “professional disagreement” over the paper’s endorsement of the Conservative Party in today’s election, Peter Edwards writes in the Star.
Coyne explained his decision in a series of tweets posted Monday morning, saying he resigned “to protect my reputation and to preserve my editorial freedom as a columnist.”
However, he said he will continue to write a column for the newspaper. “Postmedia executives and I had a professional disagreement,” Coyne wrote.
“Their view was that the publication of a column by the editorial page editor…dissenting from the Post’s endorsement of the Conservatives would have confused readers and embarrassed the paper.
“I don’t see public disagreement as confusing,” Coyne tweeted. “I see it as honest. Readers, in my view, are adults & understand that adults can disagree.”

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