Tuesday, November 10, 2015

General counsel for Al Jazeera America lacks a license to practice law

The New York Times reports:
"David W. Harleston, an executive who serves as general counsel for the media company Al Jazeera America, has had a busy year.
"He has helped oversee lawsuits against DirecTV and Al Gore, who sold his Current TV network to the company. There are wrongful-termination cases brought by former employees who accuse the news channel of fostering a sexist and anti-Semitic environment. Earlier this year, he dealt with the departure of the company’s chief executive, who stepped down after employees complained about what they described as a culture of fear.
"But according to court officials, there are no records that indicate Mr. Harleston is licensed to practice law in New York State, where Al Jazeera America has its headquarters. He has also not been admitted in any other jurisdiction, according to research by The New York Times."
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