Thursday, November 12, 2015

Justin Trudeau ‘looking into’ RCMP probes of journalists

The Star's Tonda McCharles reports:
"Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed concern Thursday about the impact on press freedom of RCMP investigations into the source of leaks of government documents to journalists, adding that he would be “looking into” it.
" Three cases have surfaced in recent days. These include RCMP investigations, in 2011 and in 2007, into La Presse journalists who published leaked information about two Montreal men suspected of terrorist ties.
"They also include an RCMP attempt to get a court order to force Vice News to hand over communications between a journalist and a Canadian suspected of fighting overseas with ISIS. Asked if he supports the police investigating the source of leaks to journalists, Trudeau endorsed freedom of journalists strongly.
"He said he is waiting for more information 'on these troubling issues.'
“'I have made a long-standing principle, and value of, freedom of the press,' said Trudeau at his second news conference as prime minister, his first at the National Press Theatre."

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