Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Ottawa Press Gallery administrator to join PMO

The long-time chief of logistics at the Parliamentary Press Gallery is going to run media logistics for the new Liberal government, the Gobe and Mail reports.
Terry Guillon, the de facto administrative head of the gallery who worked as a liaison between Parliament Hill and journalists for 37 years, told The Globe and Mail he will join Justin Trudeau’s office after he leaves his current post on Feb. 19. 
Mr. Guillon, 55, is a fixture on Parliament Hill, spotted at nearly every major press conference and scrum. He plays a role in organizing national events, such as royal visits, and travels internationally with the government of the day. He also helps the press-gallery board with memberships and decision-making, and has sat in on sensitive meetings about issues arising in the gallery.
In his new role, Mr. Guillon will lead a team running media logistics for the government – but this time, he’ll work directly for Mr. Trudeau

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