Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Rachel Notley reviewing her ban of Ezra Levant

Alberta's NDP premier has asked a former journalist to review her government's media policies following public outcry over a ban of correspondents from The Rebel, a website owned and run by former Sun News commentator Ezra Levant.
Premier Rachel Notley confirmed Tuesday that the review would be undertaken by Heather Boyd, the former Western Canada bureau chief for The Canadian Press.
Boyd will take three weeks to examine "how this is dealt with in other jurisdictions, consult with the press gallery, to look at how we deal with new media participants and then we'll move forward with that on the base of those recommendations," Notley said.
The conservative news site, which hasn't been shy in its criticism of Notley and her government, was sent a letter late last week from the Justice Department defending the ban.
The whole story oin the CBC web page

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