Monday, February 15, 2016

Rosie diManno on the Independent's move to the Internet

Rosie diManno on the end of the "Independent's" print edition, Excerpt:
"What a loss for the rough-and-tumble world of British newspapering.
"True, The Independent had become only a slim, shrunken, shrivelled shadow of its original broadsheet self as it struggled to cope with plummeting circulation and ad revenues, a dilemma that is causing chaos for all papers.
"Where once the centre-left daily enjoyed a healthy weekly circulation of 400,000 — was named National Newspaper of the Year in 2004 — today copy sales are just over 40,000.
"The looming loss of The Independent is particularly sad because it was founded in 1986 by three former Daily Telegraph journalists, a fantasy come true for every working mook in this profession, promising a non-partisan view of the world, beholden to nobody.
"That’s not been quite the case in practice. The Independent still employs veteran Middle East correspondent Robert Fisk, once a revered reporter, now an insufferable polemicist. But the paper has mostly stuck close to its principles, even as it was sold and resold."
The whole column
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