Sunday, March 6, 2016

60 Minutes mistakes Kim Catrall for Margaret Trudeau

The 60 Minutes story about Justin Trudeau on Sunday nights identified a photo of Kim Catrall as Margaret Trudeau. The Star's Vanessa Lu reports that the photo dates back to March 1981, long before Cattrall became best known of her role as the sexy PR executive Samantha Jones on the HBO show Sex and the City. When the picture was snapped by Star photographer Dick Darrell, Trudeau was 61 and Cattrall just 24; her most prominent acting work to that point was in the 1980 U.S. TV miniseries Scruples. (She would be seen in the hit movie Porky’s the next year.)
Catrall Tweeted: "I have a son who is the Prime Minister of Canada? I couldn't b more proud."
Link to 60 Minutes

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