Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Critics decry Canadian medical journal’s ‘Orwellian’ revamp

The Globe and Mail's Carly Weeks reports:
"The Canadian Medical Association announced Monday it fired editor-in-chief John Fletcher and disbanded the editorial oversight committee of the Canadian Medical Association Journal.
"Cindy Forbes, president of the CMA, said the changes are being made to help modernize and reinvigorate the journal at a time when its reputation and revenue are slipping. . .
"The firings led most of the remaining editorial board to resign.
. . .  Elly Alboim, a member of the now-defunct journal oversight committee, said he has serious concerns about the CMA’s decision.
“'It’s slightly Orwellian to remove the editor, disband the [oversight committee], which is charged with maintaining editorial independence, and then suggest you’re enhancing editorial independence,' he said.

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