Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Globe and Mail readership reaches 7.4 million: survey

The Globe and Mail has a national readership of 7.4 million people across all platforms, including the country’s leading digital audience of 5.6 million readers a week, the Globe's James Bradshaw reports.
First-quarter research results from Vividata, a new venture that surveys 38,000 consumers about the reach of 113 publications, suggests that 80 per cent of Canadian adults read a newspaper each week, while 70 per cent have perused a magazine.
Print readership remains relatively strong, especially on weekends, even as publications across Canada struggle with declining print advertising revenue. Seventy per cent of newspaper readers consumed stories in print only or in some mixture of print and digital formats, and The Globe’s print audience held steady at 3.9 million, trailing only the Toronto Star.

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