Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pravda online hammers Canada

Pravda Online has posted a damning critique of Vancouver - and Canada as a whole - on its English-language website. Author Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey writes that "Vancouver is not fit to hold the Winter Olympics." The apparent editorial, under the headline Vancouver: Mutton Dressed as Lamb", laced into the city and the country in no uncertain terms.
"Far from being a question of sour grapes, Russian commentators were already expressing their reservations as to the integrity of the Vancouver lobby being able to host the Olympic Games weeks before the start," Bancroft-Hinchey wrote in the article dated Feb. 19.
One of his main beefs was related to a decision by Olympic officials to pull aside Russian cross-country skier Natalia Korosteleva between the quarter-finals and semifinals in the sprint on Feb. 17 and ask her to go to the doping control centre, where athletes give urine and blood samples.

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