Monday, June 14, 2010

Krista Erickson leaves the CBC; may go to new QMI net

Krista Erickson, the CBC reporter who became controversial in 2007 for submitting questions for use in the House of Commons to NDP MP Pablo Rodriguez, has left the CBC, the corporation announced.

The Globe and Mail's Jane Taber reported that Erickson may be joining the new right-wing network being launched by Qubecor.

The network's chief and former Harper spokesman Kory Teneycke would not comment about Ms. Erickson. However, he said that he and Quebecor president Pierre Karl PĂ©ladeau will hold a press conference Tuesday in Toronto at the Sun offices on King Street to shed some more light as to what their venture involves, Taber reported.

Erickson was censured and ordered transferred out of Ottawa. But her union filed a grievance and the transfer never took place. CBC Ombudsman Vince Carlin looked into the matter and concluded that her action was against CBC policy but that it was a matter of excessive investigative zeal.
"There is absolutely no evidence of any partisan interest on her part,” Carlin said in his seven-page report."
Erickson joined the CBC in Winnipeg in 1999. She worked on a variety of programs and moved to Ottawa in 2006.

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