Tuesday, October 4, 2011

British Columbia's attorney-general wants Stanley Cup rioters' trials televised

B.C.s Attorney-General Shirley Bond signed an order Tuesday compelling Crown prosecutors to request television cameras and radio microphones during trial of all criminal cases involving the Stanley Cup riots.
The move follows a call in the government’s throne speech Monday for the trials to all be broadcast on radio and television.
Crown prosecutors had at first resisted the idea, though on Tuesday a spokesman said they will respect the minister’s direction.
“The branch respects the decision of the attorney-general to issue that direction,” said Neil MacKenzie.
“At this point we won’t be commenting any further.”
Bond said she issued the order because she believes there is a “public interest in ensuring this is a transparent, open process.”
“We’re not suggesting that we want to put any prosecution at risk; we’re simply saying this needs to be considered in the public interest and remember the ultimate decision will be made by the judge that presides over that trial,” she said.

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