Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Radio-Canada broadcaster suspended over Facebook comments

The head of investigative journalism at Radio-Canada, the French-language network of the CBC, has been suspended after he posted false statements on Facebook implicating another broadcaster in an investigation into organized crime.
Pierre Sormany (pictured) alleged that political columnist Jean Lapierre -- a popular host on the privately owned French-language TVA and LCN networks, and a former federal Liberal cabinet minister -- was linked to businessman Tony Accurso, whose name has been associated with investigations into organized crime.
In a public Facebook posting, Sormany stated that Lapierre had served as a go-between to intimidate Jacques Duchesneau, the head of the anti-collusion unit that was investigating operations linked to Accurso. Accurso is the owner of two businesses that pleaded guilty to charges of fraud totalling $4.1 million.
Lapierre is suing Sormany for $250,000 for tarnishing his reputation with “false and defamatory” statements.

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