Monday, December 5, 2011

British MP criticized for Auschwitz remark

The UK media panel has come face to face with the central question at the heart of tabloid immorality. It happened during a free-wheeling exchange between Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith and Lord Brentwood. (inset left to right). In a set-to regarding the publication of stories about private lives, Lord Brentwood said the government has to take into concern the "commercial viability" of the media. He said the press needs to be commercially successful. Goldsmith in effect said bunk. He declared: "Nobody said...that Auschwitz should have been kept open because it created jobs. This is just a non-argument." After this, Goldsmith was criticized to using the name of the WWII death camp. He is accused of having said media is somehow like Auschwitz. This would seem a stretch. It may be rather florid usage but it does address the moral issue of whether newspapers need intrusive gossip about citizens for the purpose of keeping their reporters employed.

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