Monday, July 14, 2014

Journalism professor plans to run for Liberals in 2015 to stop Harper regime ‘eroding’ democracy

Carleton University journalism professor Allan Thompson will announce Monday that he wants to run as a Liberal candidate in the next federal election, the National Post reports.
Thompson, who covered federal politics during his 17-year career with the Toronto Star, will seek the Liberal nomination in the rural Ontario riding of Huron-Bruce, where he grew up. The riding is currently held by second-term Conservative MP Ben Lobb.
The limits on the media’s access to federal politicians under Stephen Harper’s government is part of the reason he decided to enter politics, he says.
“It’s a big step to cross the line and seek out a career in politics,” said Thompson, who still considers himself a journalist. “Part of the motivation is the Harper regime has to come to an end. It’s doing damage and really eroding some of the pillars of our democracy.”

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