Friday, July 4, 2014

Shaw Media applies for all news channel

Shaw Media has made application, to the CRTC, to launch a national, English language news channel to be called Global News 1, Broadcaster magazine reports.
Global News 1 would fall under "Category C" guidelines, which cover existing all-news channels i.e.  CBC News Network, CTV News Channel, RDI and the Sun News Network.
 Speculation has it that Shaw would utilize news inputted from the local Global stations it presently owns.  .
Shaw recently made recommendations to the CRTC over changes to how it classifies news channels.  In its submission it stated the CRTC  should "introduce minimum thresholds to ensure that only truly national news services benefit from must-carry privileges."
The list of requirements it believes the regulator should enforce include reporters posted in at least nine of the thirteen provinces and territories, additional people based overseas reporting from a Canadian perspective, and at least 16 hours per day of original news coverage.

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