Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Journalists should take a stand against Rob Ford’s bullying behaviour: Royson James

The Star's Royson James writes:
"Media in this town are a gutless lot: the scribe on the beat, the editor, the news director. And Rob Ford brings out the worst in us.
"How else to explain Monday’s malodorous decision that saw the mayor allow only a hand-picked list of reporters to his first news conference since entering rehab for alcohol and drug abuse.
"Instead of refusing to be part of the odious infomercial (Ford did not take questions following his confession-cum-campaign-speech), the chosen reporters dutifully filed into the mayor’s office — some of them tweeting out excuses for the mayor’s mean-spirited censure.
"In a contemptible scene outside the mayor’s office 30 minutes before the staged event, Ford’s bouncer-driver read off the list of reporters Ford picked for his redemption newser.
"So much for returning from rehab a changed man. What we got is the same menacing magistrate. What it felt like was something from a fascist state."
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