Saturday, February 21, 2015

Great obituary of Simma Holt in the Globe!

By Rod Mickleburgh
Simma Holt
Simma Holt was a whirlwind of energy, with strong opinions and a burning desire to fight injustice as she saw it. For 30 turbulent years, she blew through the newsroom of The Vancouver Sun, becoming a household name in the city, and at times across Canada, with her propensity to ferret out stories and land them on Page One.
In the days when the few women in the newspaper business were almost always relegated to the fashion and family pages, Ms. Holt was a pioneer, revelling in the heretofore “man’s world” of crime and punishment.
Along the way, three convicted murderers who were sentenced to hang were granted reprieves after she threw herself into reporting on their cases. One of those reprieves arrived just 11 hours before the man’s scheduled rendezvous with the hangman.
The whole story

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