Thursday, February 12, 2015

'We failed.' Toronto Star publisher says the paper's HPV vaccine article 'let down' readers

From the CBC web page:
For a week, The Toronto Star has been taking criticism over a story detailing health problems experienced by young women after they took the HPV vaccine. Some in the medical community called it alarmist and scientifically-unsound. The publisher, John Cruickshank, now says the paper failed the public and let them down.Cruickshank tells As It Happens host Carol Off that he takes responsibility for the way the story was presented.
"We failed in this case. We let down. And it was in the management of the story at the top," he says.Cruickshank says the headline -- "A wonder drug's dark side" -- was wrong. That the front page play for the story was a mistake. And he notes that the piece mentions several times that the paper has no evidence that the anecdotes it presented were caused by the HPV vaccine Gardasil.He says he understands why readers would wrongly take away from the piece that the drug is dangerous.

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