Tuesday, June 9, 2015

CBC host Evan Solomon fired after Toronto Star investigation finds he took secret cut of art deals

Evan Solomon
The Star's Kevin Donovan reports that the CBC has fired marquee host Evan Solomon after the Star reported that he was taking secret commission payments related to art sales involving people he dealt with as a host.
“'I regret to inform you that CBC News has ended its relationship with Evan Solomon,' executive Jennifer McGuire said in a brief statement issued late Tuesday, a day after the Star presented the findings of its investigation to the network.
"Solomon, 47, is the Ottawa-based host of Power and Politics on television and The House on CBC radio, and had been one of the people touted to replace Peter Mansbridge on The National when the veteran newsman retires.
"The Star found Solomon has been brokering the sale of paintings and masks owned by a flamboyant Toronto-area art collector to rich and famous buyers. Solomon, in at least one case, took commissions in excess of $300,000 for several pieces of art and did not disclose to the buyer that he was being paid fees for introducing buyer and seller.
"The CBC had taken Solomon off the air Monday pending an investigation “over the next couple of days.
” That move came after the Star presented the CBC with the results of its probe of Solomon.
"The network severed its relationship with Solomon on Tuesday without further explanation.
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