Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Star's Robert Benzie views and reports on Wynne documentary

The Star's Robert Benzie viewed the one-hour film on which the Premier won't sign off and, therefore, can't be shown on TVOntario.
He writes:
"It is a one-hour documentary ‎entitled, Premier: The Unscripted Kathleen Wynne‎, that was supposed to air on TVOntario earlier this month — before it was yanked. . . .
"She also dispenses campaign advice to a wide-eyed federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and, with help from spouse Jane Rounthwaite, artfully smacks down a Progressive Conservative MPP for homophobic comments.
"Indeed, some of the film’s most illuminating moments are of Wynne and Rounthwaite in their Toronto home.
"Their marriage is one of loving, equal partners who share a puckish sense of humour, a passion for politics, and a quaint affinity for the 1950s sit-com I Love Lucy."
The whole story and clip

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